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The most delicious treat you can have with your morning or afternoon tea. Bloomspoon Friands are wonderful fresh snacks that are not too sweet or sugary.

The secret to the taste is the fine ground almond meal, pure butter, sugar and egg whites then natural fruit extracts are added for flavour. Egg white is the sole raising ingredient.

Almond meal is the basis of the friand. While all nuts are relatively high in fat, most fats are unsaturated. In fact, over sixty percent of the fat in almonds is monounsaturated and almonds provide vitamin E, fibre and other important nutrients. 20 to 25 almonds contain about the same amount of dietary fibre as an orange or an apple.

They are easy to transport and will extend your range and give you easy bankable profits. Café’s restaurants like the fact that these can be stored easily on a bench top and keep un-refrigerated for 10 days. But most importantly, customers love the taste.